Local Library Expansion

The city is proposing to expand my local branch library, and I don’t know how I feel about it.  The proposed expansion would nearly double the size of the library – seemingly a good thing.  The downside, to me, is that part of the proposal is to move the fire station to make room for the expansion.  Since I nearly lost my house in the 2003 wildfires, I’m not keen on seeing “my” fire station moved further away, and I’m worried about what this might do to my homeowner’s insurance.  So I am torn.  I like my branch library as-is, it is surprisingly comprehensive, has great librarians, greater volunteers, and a wonderful program of community events and activities.  Do we need it to be larger?  Well, probably, yes.  The community has very little public meeting space.  An expanded library would likely mean at least one additional meeting room for the community.  It would also likely mean expanded after-school tutoring and other similar programs for school kids.  And more books are always welcome.  So why can’t an additional story be added to the library, leaving the fire station where it is? Is expanding outwards better than upwards?  The city is currently broke, so I don’t anticipate that the expansion will happen anytime soon, but if and when it does, is the choice to move the fire station in the community’s best interest?


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