My garden is full of dig-holes.  Not tunnels, not gouges, just a whole bunch of dig-holes made by small paws.  For awhile, I thought they were made by rats, but last night I saw the probable culprit: Possum.  I actually didn’t catch it in the act, but I saw it ambling about the neighborhood while on my walk.  A neighbor arrived home with many bags of groceries.  I watched as she unlocked her front door and threw it open.  She went into the house, loaded down with groceries, and behind her – the  possum.  Right through the front door.  For some reason, I didn’t know what to do.  Is it neighborly to race to their door shouting “Possum in the house! Possum in the house! Run for your life!”  Fortunately for me and unfortunately for the possum, my neighbor was on top of the situation.  I heard a muffled scream, some running footsteps, then watched my brave, brave neighbor as she escorted the wayward possum out of her house by the tail.  I thought  the possum might be dead, as it just lay there on her grass for awhile, but it soon pulled itself upright and wandered away.  It is true – possums do play dead when confronted by angry neighbors. A life lesson we can all learn from.


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