An Open Apology to Possums

I have unfairly accused the possum of digging up my front yard, but I now admit that I was wrong.  The possum is relatively harmless, except when he wanders into homes or eats the neighbor’s dog’s dinner.  The possum is somewhat beneficial in the garden, because he eats rats, snakes and snails.  The possum is too lazy to stay up all night digging holes in the yard.  The true culprit is not the possum.  The true culprit is the raccoon.  He steals into my yard in the dead of night and digs for grubs, rolling them up and munching them down like tootsie rolls.  His appetite appears to be insatiable. Perhaps the worst thing is that there is nothing we can do to discourage him.  If you try to scare away a possum, he at least pretends to die at your feet.  If you try to scare away a raccoon – look out.  Let’s just say that it is  a good thing that houses have doors that lock.


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