In the Garden

I picked the last tomato from my garden today, which makes eleven months of home-grown tomatoes – a new record for me.  The last tomato is pretty small, maybe as large as a golf ball, and it looks to have a bit of blossom end  rot going on.  Definitely not pretty. I’m going to let the soil rest for awhile, then get it ready for spring planting sometime in the next few weeks. In the bunny garden,  I am currently growing cilantro and kale, though the bunny refuses to eat the kale.  He sometimes will eat the Kale of Many Colors out of the bag from Trader Joe’s, but the fresh stuff that I hand-pick from our organic garden – forget it.  He thinks I’m trying to poison him.  I recently planted some peas for him, which should start sprouting any day now.  He’s also stopped eating basil for some reason, though he will toss it around if we put some leaves on his plate.  No matter what we grow for him, he still prefers plain old weeds most of all.  Go figure.


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