Old Favorite Books

Talked to a friend today about favorite books from our respective childhoods and told her about The Big Green Thing, the first book that I recall having had read to me as a child.  My memory of the book was that it was a huge hardcover picture book,  with brilliant and colorful illustrations that spanned the pages.  I vividly remembered one of the images – a kite – that had a long, colorful tail.  My memory told me that the kite was a dragon kite, and that the tail was a dragon’s tail.  Well, a couple of years ago, I found the book on eBay, and had to have it.  I bid on it, making my ceiling bid something ridiculously large so that I would be sure to get it.  I ended up being the top bidder at around $9, and the book arrived a few days later.  To my surprise, The Big Green Thing wasn’t a picture book at all.  It is an easy reader, and measures a compact 8.5″x5.5″.  The only color used in the interior illustrations besides b&w is green.  While the kite does have a sort of face on it, it is most definitely not a dragon. I was initially quite crushed to see the reality of my childhood favorite, but now I’m happy to have this small book on my shelf. There is something satisfying about holding it in my hands.  I wonder if the e-reader generation will feel the same about their  childhood favorite Kindle edition ebook?


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