Roses in Bloom

The first rose of the season bloomed this weekend.  It was nearly perfect, in spite of the recent rains, with blush-coral petals and lightly crimsoned edged.  After admiring it for a few minutes, my husband cut the bloom and brought it inside, where he promptly beheaded it, stripped it of its leaves, and fed the parts to the rabbit.  Now if you have a house rabbit, this makes perfect sense.  Rabbits love roses, especially fresh organically grown ones.  But, as the rabbit devoured petal after petal, I realized that we have not had a vase of roses in the house in four years. This seems very wrong.  I would like to get to the point where the rabbit and I could share the roses,  perhaps I could enjoy them in a vase for a day and then he could eat them.  Unfortunately, he is not a sharing kind of a rabbit.  So today, I’m off to the nursery to buy more rose plants.  My goal is to one day have more roses than the rabbit can eat.


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