Gilroy’s Lunch Box

I’m packing up for this weekend’s reading at Nikkei Matsuri, and thought I’d show you what’s in Gilroy’s lunch box.  When I read to groups, I like to use props.  It makes the readings more fun and interactive.  I made the “teeny-tiny dried up fish” out of Goldfish crackers (pretzel style) and google eyes.  The “big glob of fish eggs” are small orange pom-poms.  The purple sea urchin was a recent discovery from Target.  It used to light up, but I found the light to be distracting, so I did some minor surgery to remove the light.  Not pictured are the squid-kabobs, which amazingly looked nearly exactly like Ryan’s illustration.

So I hope you can make it to Nikkei Matsuri in Japantown, San Jose, CA.  I’ll be at Wesley Hall on Fifth street around 11am.  Look for me near the bookseller’s booth, where I will be reading and signing BAIT FOR LUNCH!


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