SCBWI OC Agent’s Day Conference

SCBWI OC put on another great conference last weekend. I met up with some old friends and had fun. We did a fast-paced Round Robin chat with the speakers – lots of fun and lots of insight on the agent’s day-to-day professional life. We spent some time discussing the trade-off between getting a big advance vs a smaller advance with some type of royalties escalation instead, the thought being that if a new author doesn’t earn out the advance, the author is in a position to have to “start over” in getting established.  I liked how the agents stressed that it was more important to get that manuscript finished and polished first, before starting to think about how you’re going to maximum your payout! Sort of a literary “don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched” cautionary tale.   Also interesting was the mock contract negotiation between editor and agent.  The volunteers who make up the SCBWI OC chapter are a great bunch of folks, I’m always very impressed by the quality and intensity of their events.  I  look forward to catching up with everyone at Nationals in just a couple of months!


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