Fun Times at SCBWI Nationals

SCBWI Heart and Soul Ball - View from the 11th floor

This was the largest Nationals conference I’ve attended in the last 10 years – over 1100 writers and illustrators from all over the world. Quick stats: 1139 attendees of which 442 declared themselves as women and 62 as men; 11 countries were represented and 49 states (Delaware was missing); professions represented included 596 writers, 187 artists, 97 illustrators, and 57 editors; other professions included filmmaker,  opera singer, nail biter, pirate and zombie cheerleader.  Some weekend highlights – Ashley Bryan dancing the night away, Lin’s sparkly top, joke contest winners, the funny and heartfelt speeches at the Golden Kite luncheon on Sunday, Wolfgang Puck pizza inside Gelson’s Market, the agent who declared “I’m not your therapist and I don’t want to be,” the LGBTQ poolside chat, and the dozen or so workshops to choose from each day.  Nearly every speaker I heard this year had their list of “recommended reading” to pass along.  I will post them over the next few days or weeks, but here are some declared (but not verified as real books)  as “the worst” PBs:”  Curious George and the High Voltage Fence, Clifford Goes to Sleep, 10 Fun Activities With Fire, and Origin of the Species (PB version.)


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