Overheard at SCBWI Nationals 2010

In workshops:

“We’re trending towards lower cost PBs…with a price point of 9.99.”

“”Be careful of competing storylines – whose story is it? Who drive it?  Don’t let other characters distract…”

“You don’t have time to waste time.”

“Few eight year olds are reading PBs. The audience (for PBs) is there, but they are moving older…longer PBs don’t work. We want shorter, younger, sweeter and funnier.”

“Part of the process is listening.”

“In non-fiction, you still need layers, not a straightforward story.”

“Strive for emotion in every paragraph.”

“Smaller publishers don’t chase trends.”

“The emotional resolution (to your story) is your own truth.”

“Read the worst books, too.”

In and around the hotel:

“I thought I was 20 years old last night. I had no business doing what I was doing…”

“Have you seen my friend? She’s wearing a red dress.” (Note: everyone at the Heart & Soul ball was wearing a red dress.)

“My halo keeps falling off.”

“I can’t believe I danced.  But it was fun”

“It’s a little early in the morning for fart jokes.”

“This is my first drink in a year…This is my second drink in a year.”

“I can’t believe I’m here!”


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