Book Buzz at SCBWI Nationals 2010

I made a list of book titles from the various speakers’ talks.  The titles include those of the speakers as well as those brought up as representative titles in the genre, best-of the genre, and other must-read titles.  I included a note about the book if one was given by the speaker:

George and Martha

The Stupids Die

The Stupids Step Out

Where the Mountains Meet the Moon – protagonist “quest”

Holes – MC understands the history of the place and his place in it.

39 Clues


No More Dead Dogs

Jake Reinvented

Where the Red Fern Grows

Bob, Son of Battle – like a 19th century dead dog book

Swindled – shows a willing suspension of disbelief , a line that the author is not willing to cross.

Juvie 3


Brixton Brothers series

The Clock Without a Face



The Carrot Seed – the perfect story

Henry’s Awful Mistake – like vaudeville or a silent movie

Billy Twitters and His Blue Whale Problem

Bear Snores On – a modern classic

Time for Bed

Guess Again

The Stinky Cheese Man – meta fiction

It’s a Book

Dinosaur Vs. – series

Baby Says Moo

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

Oh No! – a cinematic experience

You’re Finally Here

Weiner Wolf Goes Wild

Elephant & Piggie

Little Mouse Gets Ready

Clementine – series

Super Chicken Nugget Boy

Judy Moody

Princess for Hire

Heroes of Oympus

The Bartmaeus series

The Doll People


Gallagher Girl – series

The Heir – series

Blue Blood – series

The Ghost and the Goth – series

The Enemy trilogy

The Way We Fall – recent acquisition

Dark Stars Daughter -recent acquisition

Rebel Belle – recent acquisition

Mercy – recent acquisition

Ditched -recent acquisition

How I Live Now

Keeping the Night Watch

I Want to be free

Stars Above Us

Story of a Girl

They Called Themselves the KKK

Hitler’s Youth

Loser/Queen – serialized novel, online presence, reader involvement in the story

Crafty Chloe

When You Reach Me

Esperanza Rising

Notes From a Liar and Her Dog

No Passengers Beyond This Point

Frankly Franny – series

George Brain Class Clown

Words to My Life Song

Beautiful Blackbird

Sing to the Sun


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