Hiking Fisherman’s Trail

Blow hole, view from the Fisherman's Trail Hiking along the ocean seemed like a good idea at the time, but even in the cool of the morning, it is boiling hot. Sweat drips down my face, my arms, and my legs.  I can’t drink enough water to quench my thirst or lower my rising body temperature. There is no shade.  We stop often to rest, I take pictures and drink water, wipe sweat off my face. I gasp for air and cough, cough, cough. “Are there goats here?” I complain. No goats, but evidence of Axis deer. The trail smells like a petting zoo. I gasp and wheeze. Finally,we reach Hulopo’e beach, where the staffers take pity on me and bring me cool towels and water. It takes a good 30 minutes to cool down and for the feeling of impending doom to leave me.  We sit near the water for awhile and watch the waves and then, suddenly, we spot them: spinner dolphins, unbelievably close to shore. Everyone around us freezes. For about ten minutes, the dolphins dart quickly about, then form a tight circle and spin about in a feeding frenzy. They separate, then come back together again for another fish-feeding frenzy.  Then they are gone, as quickly as they first materialized.  Did we really see them? Was it a dehydration-induced hallucination? Yet another example of the wonders of Lanai.


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