SDSU Library Research

I was surprised to discover a great resource very close by – the SDSU library.  It had the literary book about women poets that I wanted to read (it contained a reference to my aunt that I wanted to check) and all of the Hosokawa books as well.  An added bonus – they had the PC back issues on microfilm. The one problem was that the film reader was the old kind – pretty much a hand-crank model, not the nice computer-driven type that UNLV had.  It meant dropping about $5 in dimes into the printer instead of capturing digital images onto a memory card.  It’s the first time I’ve seen a printer with a coin slot.  I eventually figured out how to get a guest copy-card, which was kind of scary because you swipe the card and then put money into a machine and magically the amount gets credited to your copy-card.  I’ve managed to get through the 1952 papers and discovered that my aunt also wrote short stories.  I sort of feel like I’m getting through the research material that I need to read, but I am getting bogged down in obtaining rights to use some of the material. The photos that the WRA took – who owns them? Some of the museums say they own them, yet the govt site says that the photos are in the public domain.  Old photos taken by private photographers for the Deseret News  and Salt Lake City paper – how do I get them? And, a rather iconic photo of my aunt that appears in her personal photo album but also appears in a newspaper. Who owns the rights? Her album says the photo was taken a full two years before she worked for that paper, but then, why does the paper think they own the rights?  Memories blur as the years go by; rights seemingly become unclear. I suspect I will need to consult a lawyer.


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