Conferences, Old Friends, and Newport Beach

SCBWI OC really knows how to throw an event.  Their Agent’s Day at Newport Beach was a really great day – fun, enlightening, and pretty much perfect in every way. I ran into three old, old friends, though admittedly we couldn’t really place each other at first. We all sat next to one another, not knowing exactly why except that it seemed familiar. After a few hours of huddling next to one another, we slowly remembered and reconnected. I love it when stuff like that happens.

Agent’s Day is like that. Stuff happens. It’s  a chance to meet and network with a group of agents and hear what they have to say.  There is so much information to absorb that it’s no wonder that sometimes things get mixed-up t in the translation.  One agent gave a great  talk about revision, suggesting the use of storyboarding as a revision technique. It was amazing at the number of people who thought they heard her say something along the lines of “draw pictures that tell your story” even though she clearly didn’t, and even funnier was that some thought she meant to draw their  book  synopsis.  Maybe it’s just me, but I would totally love it if an agent really did require a hand-drawn book  synopsis for submission. It’s so hard writing a good one, maybe drawing one would be easier. Especially if it could be done in stick-figures.

If I were ever lucky enough to live in Newport Beach, I would walk along the water every day, and I would never say “What’s up with this weather anyway?” I love the gray skies and how the pelicans have to fight through the wind.  And if Newport Beach is this fantastic when it’s cloudy and gray, just think how fantastic it must be when it is sunny.


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