Room to Write

I went to Room to Write last weekend, fighting the downtown Petco Park traffic. I’d forgotten there was a ballgame.  Luckily there was parking across the street, but of course I forgot I could park for free in the loft’s parking lot and ended up paying $5 for 2 hours of park time. The loft itself was very nice,with lots of power strips to plug-in.  I arrived a bit after the top of the hour, so it was “quiet time” and time to write. It’s surprising how noisy velcro can be, and how loud a laptop can whir at startup. But I eventually settled in and wrote, getting about six pages written before the break.

Lots of interesting writers, working on interesting projects.  Wish I had time to talk with everyone.  But, soon enough, break time was over and it was time to write again.  The next hour was much more productive for me. I easily got through my chapter outline and  got a paragraph or two into the next.  At the break, I packed up to leave as did one or two others.  Room to Write is a great resource for SD Writers. Wish it could be a weekly thing.


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