A Rabbit, A Lizard, and Crickets

Our bunny is an only pet, or so he’d like to believe.  He loves people, but hates other bunnies and other critters.  So when we welcomed a new guest to our house in the form of a lizard, we kept the two apart in hopes of maintaining some sense of peace.  But the lizard, Stumpy, eats other critters, crickets to be exact, and our bunny doesn’t recognize crickets as food.  He thinks we have acquired several dozen teeny tiny pets and he’s not very happy about it.

The mistake was mine. My husband had put the cricket cage into the garage because he said they’d soon by all over the house if we weren’t careful, but I didn’t believe him. The cage seemed pretty cricket proof to me, and the garage was sweltering in the heat.  So I put the crickets into our guest room.

Two hours later, we saw the first cricket hop across the living room carpet.

Four hours later, there was something rustling in my office.

Six hours later, a symphony of happy cricket noises broke out throughout the house, and I finally banished the remaining cage crickets  to the patio.

The problem is that the bunny is convinced that we have replaced him with loud-voiced new pets, and worse, they are allowed into the computer room without supervision – something he is not allowed to do.  He is beside himself.  I’ve tried to tell him that Stumpy and the crickets are only here temporarily, but he doesn’t believe a word I say.  Meanwhile, Stumpy is surrounded by delicious noises that he can’t quite find and seems really ticked off about it.

My house is a zoo.


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