Stumpy is Shedding

Our guest is losing his skin. I suppose that it is a normal occurrence for a dragon, but the first time I saw what looked to be huge swaths of old Stumpy lying across his basking log, I kind of freaked out. Stumpy is called Stumpy because he’s got a deformed foot and has lost a toe. Or maybe it is a finger, I’m not really sure. So when the skin began to go, I figured old Stumpy was on his way to becoming a Stump.

And another thing – the skin around his mouth is turning pink. The sand in his habitat is pink, so maybe he stuck his face into the sand and the color rubbed off, but really, his face looks pink.

His appetite is fine. Many, many crickets go down his gullet at lightening speed. It is frightening to watch and I feel bad for the crickets. Fortunately Stumpy also eats lettuce. It’s hard to feel bad for lettuce, but I digress…

I want our guest to be happy while his people are away, but how does one know when a dragon is happy? He watches me vigilantly when I’m in the room, but doesn’t seem to move much unless I put a cricket in his habitat, then he goes nuts. The pink face thing has me concerned, as does the potential that he may lose another toe while he is with  us. So I watch him and wonder what he’s thinking, how he’s feeling, and feel like there should be more that I could be doing for him.

Maybe he’d like to go to Legoland.


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