Stumpy Gone, but Crickets Remain

Our guest dragon-lizard left us, but the chirping coming from pretty much every room in the house reminds me why we have a rabbit as a pet. Rabbits are vegetarians.  Lettuce and broccoli do not escape from the refrigerator in the middle of the night to party up a storm in hidden crevices throughout the house.  Crickets on the other hand…

I don’t know how many crickets managed to escape their cricket bin while they were here, but from the chirping, I’d say there are still about 6 crickets still in the house.  They chirp and sing until you get too close and then everything goes silent.  It’s maddening to be outsmarted by a cricket.

All in all, Stumpy was a good guest, quiet and well mannered, with only his unusual dietary needs to worry about. His crickets had to be acquired at Pet Kingdom, from the desk at the back of the shop under the sign LIVE FOOD. Peculiar to me, considering the shop had a free-range rooster wandering the aisles.  Even stranger was being asked what sized crickets I wanted. I said, “about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch I suppose.” The kid gave me a puzzled look and replied, “Is that the size of your frogs?” What frogs, I wondered. I explained that I had a dragon at home that I was babysitting, and then the kid asked, “How big is his head?” I would never have guessed that cricket size was directly related to the size of the lizard’s head. I pointed out a similar lizard at the shop and said Stumpy was about the same size, at which point I was told that Stumpy needed to eat medium-sized crickets. Who knew that crickets were sized as small, medium or large? I sure didn’t. Life with Stumpy was quite an education.


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