Giant Library Books

Just when I thought all was hopeless, our wonderful library came through for me. They managed to track down and get original bound copies of the New World Sun. This was the newspaper that my aunt wrote for, and that my grandfather managed in some way.  He was a stockholder in the paper and lost his investment when the paper was shut down by the US government after Japan attacked  Pearl Harbor. My aunt was about 18-20 years old when she worked for the paper. She published a few short stories and likely wrote a few news articles as well, though probably uncredited.

Going through the big bound books is a delicate exercise. The newsprint is ancient and nearly crumbles when touched. I don’t know why the books haven’t been converted to microfilm, but perhaps they are not of interest to enough people. The “vernaculars” of the time are actually pretty fascinating. That my teenaged aunt could’ve worked there in the 1930s is amazing.


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