Giant Book Return

We took the three giant books  back to the library, hauling them past a row of homeless people sleeping against the walls of buildings downtown.  These were the books that held copies of  the newspaper that my aunt worked for back in 1935.  I was nervous having the books in the house, nervous as I read the pages, and nervous returning them.  Even for their massive size, the books were fragile. The pages nearly crumbled in my hands. The corners of the book were breaking down as well, and I imagine that they won’t be able to survive much longer.

It’s sad to see these ethic newspapers disappear, especially the ones pre WWII. They did an amazing job of capturing the sentiment of the time, of objectively reporting on the news, even when the subject of the news was about hostility directed towards their ethnic group.

With the return of the giant books, I’m now waiting on microfilm of more years from The New World Sun, and an audio recording of an interview my aunt gave in 1969, just a few years after her husband, Larry Tajiri, passed away.  I haven’t heard my aunt’s voice in years. Will I recognize it?


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