When cds go bad…

After weeks of waiting, the CD arrived. I played it just awhile ago and can’t quite decide where to go from here.  The first track on the cd was side 1 of the cassette tape. The second track, side 2.

The problem with the first track is that it isn’t my aunt’s interview. It’s someone else entirely and goes on for a good 45 minutes.  Took me a few minutes to figure out there was a track 2.

The problem with the second track is that while it is my aunt’s interview, it is also only about half of my aunt’s interview. It begins in mid-sentence and seems to pick up in some soft of undirected q&a about various race issues. My aunt is evasive, often turning the tables on the interviewer until it suddenly becomes the interviewee interviewing the interviewer, if that makes any sense. Maybe she didn’t want to be interviewed, maybe she didn’t understand the questions, or maybe it was some sort of tactic she liked to use in order to not divulge information. She doesn’t talk much at all about Larry and it doesn’t really cover their time in SF pre-war. I’m not sure it will be useful at all.

I suppose the first part of the interview simply was lost, or perhaps it rotted away, or the interviewer forgot to put in a tape or something. I suppose I expected too much from something that was recorded more than 40 years ago.

But it was nice of Bancroft to duplicate the material for me.  I wish more people could/would  donate their historic materials. I wish there were better ways of preserving them too.


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