Eating and Pooping


It is important to keep track of what a dragon eats and when he poops. Stumpy is no exception. His people keep a detailed log of his eating and pooping activities. While he is here, I log the details for them. This morning, Stumpy did a huge poo, scrunching up his face like a toddler and then, after the deed was done, stomping off to the edge of his habitat, as far away from the offending poo as possible. He was happy when I took the mess away and put down clean paper, and seemed to have worked up an appetite. I dusted 3 crickets with calcium and put them in his habitat. He ate them quickly, with gusto. I put a small salad out for him, which he also devoured. Now, he’s sitting on his log, sunning himself, probably working on a poo for tomorrow.


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