Stumpy’s Here

Stumpy arrived with an entourage of three, who carried with them all the necessities of dragon travel: a bag of newspapers, a cricket house, a pet carrier, powdered calcium, cricket food, romaine lettuce, superworms, two thermometers, a HUGE aquarium, a log, a rock, a food dish, a water dish, heat lamp, uv lamp, spare table, and a bottle of filtered water. After some wrangling of the heat lamp, Stumpy settled in nicely.Image

He likes to hang out on his log, directly under the UV lamp. Occasionally, he licks the air as if to test it for the presence of food. His exceptional hearing has him following every tap of my keyboard while I work, and repeatedly cocking his head to catch the faint chirps of the crickets, which I’ve relocated to the front porch. He loves listening to crickets as much as he loves eating them.

Stumpy seems to remember me, at very least, he seems interested in me, in what I do and in what I say. Dragons are way more interactive than I ever imagined. He enjoys watching CNN, but not the regular news. During commercial breaks, he hops off his log and stomps around his aquarium. I’m not sure how to interpret that, but he seems agitated, as if the news has bothered him somehow.I don’t blame him. The news agitates me, too.

The rabbit is completely unaware that we have a dragon in the house. I aim to keep it that way. Thumper is getting stodgy in his old age, he doesn’t take to guests and would probably attempt to take a bite out of Stumpy if given half a chance. So we are keeping Thumper in his favorite dining room spot and Stumpy in the living room. I can keep an eye on both of them from where I sit at the computer. It would be cool if they could be friends, but I don’t see it happening. Thumper can’t even stand pictures of rabbits, or even his own reflection, poor thing. Thumper is not much of a host, even when the house guest is a dragon.


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