What’s This About?


If you look closely, you’ll see that Stumpy is sitting in his water dish. He is also fast asleep. I don’t get what this is about, and I don’t know if I should reach in and remove him from his water or if this is some sort of dragon-related heating-cooling mechanism that I know nothing about.

Only moments before, Stumpy did a massive poo that had him scrambling to get away from it. I cleaned it up pretty quickly, but instead of stomping back to his basking log, Stumpy instead climbed over his water dish and stuck his butt into the water. Was it his way of cleaning his behind after such a big poo? Did he wish to freshen up? And, if that were the case, why did he fall asleep in that position?

After about an hour in the water, Stumpy woke up and sort of toppled out of the water dish. He flattened himself against one corner of his habitat and went back to sleep. I turned off his lights and left him there for the evening. When I checked on him this morning, he was still in the same position, still half asleep. The crickets finally woke him and he perked right up, downing five of them in a flash. He ate his greens and hopped up onto his log. Now we are in poop-watch mode. Hopefully something will happen before we leave the house for the day.


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