Long Day and Silly Hats


Stumpy had a long and active day. He got up early for breakfast, then thrashed around his habitat for much of the day until I turned on Ellen. He watched for awhile, then thrashed about some more. I couldn’t figure out what he needed or wanted. I changed his water, his newspapers, the channels on the tv. He seemed to like Anderson, and was really into a Burn Notice rerun, but mostly he stomped around, messing up his newspapers and dragging himself through his water dish multiple times. I fed him more crickets at 5:30, which he liked a lot, but then he started making a ruckus again. I made him a salad and put a big fat superworm in the middle of it. He watched the worm for quite awhile, until he finally snatched it up and chomped it down. Then he froze for a good minute or two and out came a big messy poo. He stomped to the other side of the habitat and waited until I cleaned it up, and then, once fresh papers were down and everything put back into place, he hopped back onto his log and closed his eyes, completely exhausted. I guess he was just constipated.

Once he was calm, I got him to wear a silly hat for awhile. He didn’t seem to mind. Or maybe he was too humiliated to protest.


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