A Kingdom of Pets


As it turns out, Pet Kingdom is neither filled with pets nor is it technically a kingdom, although they do have a variety of reptiles, fish, bunnies and this strange little free-range rooster that wanders the aisles and makes odd sounds that don’t resemble chicken noises at all. I did like the pond in the middle of the store that, at first glance, appeared to be just another koi pond but on closer inspection was filled with not just koi but water turtles!! ImageAnd giant grey carp! But I digress…

Stumpy ran out of crickets today. I made the journey to Point Loma to Pet Kingdom in search of appropriately sized crickets. They had “small” crickets that you would totally accept as small, about a quarter of an inch long. Size “medium” crickets weren’t that much larger, so that I thought perhaps that they were not “medium” enough. So I asked to see the “large” crickets to compare. The kid at the Live Feed counter pulled out a bin and opened the top –

OMG they were not large at all, they were totally HUGE GINORMOUS CREATURES that looked like they could hold one of their cricket legs against my neck and slit my throat and there were thousands of them in that bin crawling over one other in a giant cricket frenzy. I will have nightmares about the Bin o’ Big Freaking Crickets for the rest of my life.

I only hope that Stumpy will remain small and continue to eat size Medium crickets for a long, long time.


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