Farm Stands and Rabbits

Thumper is still with us, though his kidneys are slowly failing. He’s in good spirits most of the time, still loves his treats, still loves going out in the mornings for his backyard walk. His appetite is mostly good, though it is a struggle to get his weight up. He lost 2 pounds(!) due to his kidney disease and kidney stones, and he needs to eat.

So we started to visit the farm stands in the area. One is downtown, a part of City college. It’s okay, but parking is miserable. Another, Suzie’s, is waaay south and not open at convenient times.

Then we found out about Chino’s, a family owned farm since the 1940’s. It’s about 30 min north on the 5 freeway, in the middle of ritzy Rancho Santa Fe. You even pass the polo fields to get to the farm.

We drove out there last month for the first time, determined to find the freshest and best lettuce for our bunny. Everything was crazy fresh, just picked that morning. We got some baby Romaine, radiccio and frisee, and a green oak leaf lettuce. We also picked up some broccoli and cilantro and regretted not buying any kale.

At home, I made a big plate of salad and placed it in front of the bunny. He dove in, grabbing the frisee first. His balance isn’t always so good any more, so he put his front paws into the salad to steady himself but didn’t stop eating. We were impressed.

Now we make weekly trips to Chino Farms. The salad I make for him is probably close to what diners at the finest restaurants eat. I think it is helping to keep him going, having something to look forward to and all, though I don’t know if the folks at the farm would appreciate knowing that some of the beautiful vegetables they grow are going to a house rabbit.Image


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