Thumper’s Gone

What is there to say when you lose a rabbit? 

Mostly I’m angry that rabbits are used as lab animals for the advancement of science and yet there is very little being done to benefit the rabbit. Couldn’t drug manufacturers be required to spend a small percentage of their research dollars for the benefit of rabbits? Or mice? Or any of the small, helpless critters they use to help them make billions of dollars? 

Thumper had three basic medicines he could use. Just three. We had them in the house and they did almost nothing to help him. The emergency vet suggested we put him to sleep, but not because he was suffering. She suggested it because he charged her and tried to bite her when she did not give him pain medicine for 2 hours. We asked her repeatedly to call his regular vet, but she just observed him and gave him oxygen. No wonder he was riled up. She said he “flipped out” but I think she was the one who flipped. Thumper just had enough.

Why aren’t there more medicines for rabbits? They are the third most popular pet in the UK, right up there with dogs and cats, yet there is so little available to help them. Dialysis would have helped Thumper, but nobody here would attempt it on a rabbit, not even on a strong bunny like Thumper. He was not ready to go, not by a long shot. 


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