Small Noises

I think I’m getting used to the quiet. I’ve always thought that rabbits were pretty silent creatures, but when there used to be a rabbit in the house and all of a sudden there is no rabbit in the house, it is really, really silent. Sometimes I think I hear him, he used to run along the wall by his water crock and kick the side of the crock as he passed. It made a distinctive “tink” sound. I hear the “tink” now and then, but when I investigate, there is no bunny to be found.   Same with the sound of his hay. It made a sort of crunching sound when he stepped into his hay box and onto the hay. Last night I heard it, or thought I did. But there was no hay, hay box, or bunny in the room when I went to check. 

Sometimes I believe that he is still here, just hiding someplace. Maybe in the bookcase, or behind the harpsichord. Maybe he is under the bed in the other room. His presence is felt and it seems very real. I don’t know how long it will last, but it confirms my belief that he wasn’t ready to go when he did, and that his body simply gave out too soon. 


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