Growing in My Garden


We have grapes!

Thumper loved grape leaves, so we have three grape plants in our garden. We’ve never really grown for grapes, though, just for  leaves. This year, without a house rabbit, we decided to try to grow grapes by keeping the vines well-trimmed, the plant well-watered and fed.

I was very surprised to discover that we are awesome grape farmers. The Red Flame grapes are just as big as the grocery store variety, and almost as sweet. We have no idea when to harvest, going by color, which I am told is not a good indicator of done-ness. But, if we leave the grapes on the vine too long, the raccoons get to them. The sugar in the grapes makes them crazy, and then they refuse to leave and will actually snarl and charge at you when you shine a flashlight on them. There is nothing more humbling than being held captive in your house while a crazed raccoon goes on a midnight rampage through your garden. You can’t call 911 on a raccoon.


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