Stumpy Takes a Bath

photo-20Stumpy had a bath the other day. I don’t think he liked it much. He spent most of the time thrashing around, trying to escape his little tub.

I’ve tried warm water and slightly cooler water, but he doesn’t seem to like either temperature. He does like to have water dribbled on his head, but that only lasts for about 10 seconds before he’s thrashing again. The dragons on YouTube all seem to really enjoy their baths, so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. He may prefer bathing in a larger tub, so today we are going to try giving him a bath in the regular bathtub.

Stumpy has a little pink towel that instantly calms him. He goes almost limp as soon as his little feet hit the terry cloth. It’s quite amazing. The towel and the drying off part are the only things about bath time that Stumpy really seems to enjoy.

Right now, he is sunning himself under his heat lamp. I hope he is working on a poop. He isn’t very regular and has only pooped once since Monday. Let me just say this: it was massive.



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