Our Kauai Trip, Artwork (mostly) by Adrian.

Adrian found the Sketchpad Pro app on my iPad and decided we should draw 30 second sketches of our trip to Kauai. I decided to put them on the Internet where they will live forever.

We flew Hawaiian Air. A baby in the row in front of us cried and cried during the meal service. The mom got up to walk the baby around but accidentally whacked the baby’s head against the overhead bin. So she sat back down and the baby just cried forever.


We ate huli-huli chicken from Foodland 4 nights in a row, along with an assortment of fruit.


We always go for ice cream at Lapperts in the scary Coconut Marketplace. Lapperts Hawaii says “We are not affiliated in any way with Lapperts Mainland.” But Lapperts Mainland says “We own 51% of Lappert’s Hawaii.” What a happy family.


The Koloa farmer’s market is always fun. An old hippie guy with a dog opens the market with a reminder to be nice. We got a sugarloaf pineapple, best pineapple around.


We ate at The Feral Pig, a newish pub near the hotel. Adrian had the Feral Burger – 50% ground pork, 50% ground beef, topped with fried pork belly on a taro bun. I fear for him.


Foodland was really nice, lots of fruits and vegetables, plus kulolo at $10 a slab and butter mochi. Yikes!


This is the view from our room. There was a stranded boat in Kalapaki bay. That’s supposed to be Adrian’s foot in the lower right corner as he relaxes on the lanai.


The best adventure we had was taking a tour of the old Coco Palms resort, which was destroyed during Hurricane Iniki. A hippie took us around for $20 cash and told us stories about Elvis and Johnny Depp. We saw the tree that Johnny Depp was tied to in Pirates 3. It had its top cut off so that no coconuts would fall onto Johnny’s head. So basically, Johnny was tied to a tall stick.


The hotel put up volleyball nets and massage tents on the beach. It wasn’t too bad until the cruise ship came into Nawiliwili harbor. Then the beach was a madhouse.


We snorkeled at Lydgate park. It’s a quiet and protected baby beach with lots of fish swimming around. We liked the big blue ones.


Adrian liked the cats on the hotel grounds that hung around waiting to be fed. Most cats had their ears notched, which signified that they were neutered or spayed thru the humane society’s trap and release program. Some cats had both ears notched!


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