Furious Ralphie

Bed Head Ralphie

Furious Ralphie with bedhead.

We have a new bunny, and her name is Furious Ralphie. She is not angry so much as she is simply furious, and we aren’t sure why. She has run of the dining room and kitchen, a play tunnel, a Cottontail Cottage, many carpet squares, a jumbo sized haybox and unlimited hay. We also feed her giant salads a couple times a day, which she seems to enjoy, but as soon as the kale runs out – look out. She stamps her feet, grunts and gives us the tail.

The other night, she was bobbing and weaving and staring at something outside, through the sliding glass door, or so I thought. As soon as I pulled the curtain closed, she stopped. I opened the curtains and the bobbing and weaving began again, followed by a loud grunt and some foot stamping. I realized that Ralphie was angry at her own reflection. Poor thing thinks we have another white rabbit that looks exactly like her, and that hangs out near her food and water.  Poor Ralphie.

She is also very sensitive to the light, which I suppose has to do with her little eyes. Albinism is common among white rabbits, so we have to be careful with her. She spends many, many hours holed up in her tunnel and in her cottage. Only when the sun goes down does she like to come out and run around.

I think that Ralphie will settle in over time. I think she will realize that there are no other rabbits living here, and that she alone rules the house. White rabbits are stubborn, though, so it may take awhile to convince her.


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