Friday Class, Underpainting



I started a new canvas on Friday, this one’s for the “old masters” exercise. It’s just the underpainting at the moment, mostly black, and while I tried to be a little more careful in following the edges and outlines of things, it is sloppy. Still, I am pretty sure that when I am done, I will be pleasantly surprised to discover that the method works.

I also finished my “impressionism” canvas:

hawaii_impression done edited

impressionism style

I spent another 30 minutes on the center of the piece and then decided that I was done. I could not quite get the folliage in the center to look exactly the way I wanted it to look, but I’m okay with how it turned out.

It’s still hard for me to believe that this started with an underpainting much like the one above. And that it was painted in just over 6 hours.


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