Friday Class, Almost Old Master’s Style


Old Master’s style continues to give me grief. My friend says I should just add some tigers and call it an homage to Rousseau. I guess I did not go back far enough in time.

This one was done with a lot of glazes, black and ochre. But I did not use the right greens, I think. I should have mixed it using the ochre. So instead of Old Master’s, I got something too lush and bright and green and not the right colors of green.

I also learned something about lily pads. In my attempt to understand how to paint lily pads, I ended up defining each and every one. That’s not how they look in real life, they are actually clustered together, with a lot of overlapping.

I think I have to do one more round of the three styles of painting over underpainting in order to understand the process.


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