Public Art – Heatwave!


We got a nice start before the heatwave hit. The volunteers started with the underpainting on all four sides of the box. Some elements are bigger than they were on the paper design – oh well. I think it will work out fine.

Only a couple of minor problems to an otherwise smooth start. (1) There was more graffiti that I expected, but on closer examination, I realized that the “graffiti” was all math equations. So I suppose in the grand scheme of things, it’s not a big concern; (2) The utility box is stainless steel, which gets really hot in the sun and paint has a hard time sticking to it. Fortunately, I found a nice primer that worked well. Ordinarily, I would have used gesso, but it did not go onto the steel nicely at all; and (3) We had a heatwave. A big, hot, miserable heatwave that is still going on. It’s impossible to paint when it is so, so hot. We’re all waiting out the weather to be something more reasonable. In the meantime, the box looks very nice, but unfinished. Hopefully, we’ll regroup and get back on track next week.





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